SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News) – June 6, 1944, an unprecedented military invasion. It was called Operation Overlord when Allied troops stormed 5 beaches along a 50-mile stretch and the battle of Normandy began.

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From June until August that year furious fighting succeeded in liberating Europe from Germany’s grip. Four days after the initial invasions Utahn Don Pullan found himself landing on Utah beach and beginning a trek that would take him across France, into Germany, and straight into the darkness of the Dachau concentration camp.

Don owned a camera and documented many of the things he saw as his unit fought to liberate people whose freedom had been taken by the German army

Now 97 years old, Don sat down with ABC4 News, for two interview sessions, and shared his story, in his words. The most astonishing thing when you listen is how he talks about solving problems, how the horrors of the S.S. troopers caused him to hate an entire people and the redemptive moment where he realized he could love.

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