WASHINGTON, Utah (ABC4) – The state of Utah suffered a great loss on July 1 when the Jazz traded Rudy Gobert to the Minnesota Timberwolves. 

Intending to show their support for the center player who has stayed loyal to Utah since 2013, the three brothers and co-owners of Vandy Creations, a Washington, Utah-based company specializing in fully-custom metal showpieces, took it upon themselves to launch a public initiative on July 2.

Together, the trio purchased the domain name t-wolves.com so that fans can visit the site and leave a note for Rudy thanking him for his long-term dedication to Utah Jazz fans. The brothers will use the messages they accumulate to create a masterpiece for Rudy’s new home in Minnesota. 

Jon Vandermyde, one of the brothers behind Vandy Creations, told ABC4 that the group has already begun working with Gobert’s personal assistant to ensure the piece will be perfect for his home. 

The project will be a metal sculpture piece. Vandermyde told ABC4 that he and his brothers have “settled on the idea that it’s going to be the gradient Utah Jazz logo with laser engravings of all of the messages from fans.” He continued, “It’s not like he’s going to sit down and read all of the messages at once, but every time he walks by it he’ll find some more Easter eggs and inspiration.”

Through the launch of this project, the Vandermydes want to pay tribute to their favorite Jazz player while helping the community do the same. “We don’t want to make any money out of this, we just want to help residents get their voices heard. The goal is for Rudy to know, ‘See these hundreds of Utah Jazz fans? They all support you and appreciate you for making a difference in their lives.’” 

Since the Tweet was published a day after the trade occurred, Jon says the project proposal has been gaining immense ground. “The first day we published that Tweet, we received dozens and dozens of messages. And they’re not just one-liners like, ‘Thank you, Rudy,’ they’re more like, ‘Hey, here’s a story of the first game I attended with my son who you high-fived and made his day and now he’s your biggest fan.’ It’s stories like that; I’d love to get hundreds more.”

Submissions for messages to Gobert are still open on t-wolves.com. What started out as a two-foot-by-two-foot project has ramped up to something more along the lines of a seven-foot sculpture. The more submissions the brothers receive, the bigger the sculpture will get. Put best by Jon, “Let’s just keep this thing going.” 

To view some of Vandy Creations’ work, check out the slideshow below: