UHP reminds public to drive attentive after weekend spike in fatal crashes

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UTAH (ABC4 News) – The Utah Highway Patrol is urging drivers to use extra caution on the road after an uptick in fatalities over the weekend.

“Total five crashes, seven deaths – way too many,” says Utah High Patrol Col. Michal Rapich.

Rapich says it’s the worst weekend the UHP has seen during the 100 deadliest days of summer.

The fatal crashes began on Friday with two happening in Iron County; third, San Juan County; fourth, Wasatch County; and fifth, on SR-191, near the Navajo Nation.

While all of the fatal crashes had some variable as to how the accident occurred, Rapich says the one thing they all had in common was inattentive driving.  

To keep Utahns safe on the road, Rapich is giving three tips to help decrease fatalities:

  1. First-off, start off right. Put your seatbelt on.  
  2. The next thing we’re asking everybody to do watch your speed.
  3. Final thing, that we’re really trying to emphasize right now is we get through the last part of these 100 days is attentive driving. Be alert.

Despite last weekend’s high numbers, Rapich says Utah has seen a decrease in total car crash fatalities.

“Even though one is absolutely way too many,” Rapich says, “we’ve seen a better year this year than we have the last two years.”

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