Two Utah men create a new meaning for the term ‘Couch Potato’

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) – Two Utah men in their early 20’s are putting their handyman skills to good use by building a couch contraption they call “Paramotor Couch.”

Collin Randle, 23 and Arcenio Garcia, 24 say the idea of Paramotor Couch came to them after Collin had purchased a Paramotor for paragliding. 

Garcia says he and Randle had made other couch contraptions years earlier. One winter the pair made a “Skouch,” a couch on a pair of skis used in snow. 

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The funds for the couch came available after Arcenio, and Collin’s older brother, Chad, used the funds form recycled mental they collected from house flipping, Garcia says. 

“The bike came from a thrift store, for $5.99, the couch came from KSL off of KSL classifieds or zero dollars, and then the two back tires which are just fixed caster wheels, they came from Harbor Freight….they were $8.99 apiece,” Garcia says. “There wheelbarrow tires for Harbor Freight,” Randle adds. 

When the two picked up the free couch online the women giving it away asked them if it would fit in the room they wanted. The two say after making sure the caster wheels screwed on the bottom they told Ms. Lorraine “The couch would be perfect.” 

After all the parts for Paramotor Couch were collected they took them to the garage, “Santa’s Workshop” as they like to call it and started assembling. 

The couch was assembled late one night in May. Randle, Garcia, and friends, say they were too excited to wait for morning to take it for a spin so, they “woke up all the neighbors and took our new invention for a spin.”

A month after it’s creation they decided to embark on the mission of taking it through the McDonald’s drive-thru. 

“We were really worried cops would pull us over and take it from us,” Collin says. “Luckily there were no police. Just some happy boys with full stomachs and a small town full of curious and smiling onlookers,” he adds. 

The paramotor is a Vittorazi Moster 185 Italian made 185 cc two-stroke. The fastest the two have gone has been 32 mph, they say they could go faster but when they try they blow tires. 

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