Train enthusiast and woodworker creates beautiful handmade Christmas wonderland

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ELK RIDGE, Utah (ABC4 News) – An avid woodworker and train enthusiast is welcoming all aboard as they travel through is handmade Christmas wonderland. 

Rick Faerber moved to Utah from Pennsylvania two-and-a-half years ago. 

Faerber began woodworking in his early 20’s and says it started out simple and grew into what it is today. 

Faerber says many elements of his train wonderland were built in Pennsylvania and carefully packaged to be sent in crates across the county. 

He says he hasn’t opened his handmade wonderland to the public before, but decided this year to share his creations with his friends and neighbors. 

“Well I just thought Christmas time most people enjoy model trains and whatever— and I think this place–I don’t know if it’s good or bad, but at least it’s unusual, it’s something different. There are a lot of bright colors and lights, so I just decided to open it up to the folks in Elk Ridge to come if they want to and take a look.” 

Most of Faerber’s train scapes are modeled after real-life historic properties across the county. He says most of them are miniature models patterned after photos he’s taken through his travels. 

“I’ve always enjoyed historical things, I enjoy things that have a lot of detail associated with them,” Faerber says.

The trains that fill his wonderland are all American Flyer Trains manufactured between 1918 to 1963  AC Gilbert in Connecticut. Faerber says most of his trains are from 1930-1950.

He’s created miniature Mystic Country, Connecticut,  Williamsburg, Virginia, and even an old Provo, Utah train station. 

His landscapes are filled with life-like trees made out of pinecones and twig branches, waterfalls and every other detail you’d see if you were actually there. 

He says he does his best to make his miniatures are close to the originals as possible. 

“Sometimes the amount of detail that’s in the real building you really can’t accommodate all of that in a miniature, so there’s some compromise–but you try to catch the flavor.”

His train land also showcases a few other venues like a miniature “Box Car Drive-In” playing Miracle on 34th Street and what Faerber believes to be the Canadian side of Mount Rushmore, “Mount Tushmore.”

To leave more or visit Ricks Train room see the information below.

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