SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Salt Lake City is finalizing its plans for a tiny home community that would serve those facing homelessness, mental health challenges or disabilities.

The Other Side Village hopes to build enough homes to shelter about 430 people. The property would span roughly 37 acres at 1850 W. Indiana Ave. and 1965 S. 500 W. located right off Redwood Rd.

The Other Side Village is a sister company of The Other Side Academy which is a public non-profit organization that helps criminals, homeless, and substance abusers learn to adapt in a community and learn life skills through a two-year-program.

The Other Side Village will be similar to programs where residents can learn self-reliance through the importance of being a homeowner and being part of a community or neighborhood.

Sam Greeney, the Director of Communications, spoke with ABC4 about what they hope to achieve with The Other Side Village.

“We want this neighborhood to be a safe haven for residents,” said Greeney. “We want it to be a home for our residents where they have safety and security knowing they can stay as long as they want.”

The village will not only have homes for its residents but will also provide services and clinics that are easily accessible.

“Accessing services while being homeless can be difficult,” said Greeney. “We want our services to help our residents learn to become more self-reliant and have the opportunity to work if they choose to.”

Greeney said they hope to have the village built and ready sometime next year, but it’s uncertain exactly when it will officially open.

The entire cost is expected to be around $7.5 million with $2 million already raised. To learn more about The Other Side Village or to donate, click here.