Something smells fishy, and it might be your community pond being restocked

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DAVIS COUNTY, Utah (ABC4 News) -This time of year the fish are biting and the weather is nice and comfortable, so Utahns head into their backyard and take advantage of their community waters.

Utah is one of the driest states in the nation, but what we lack in water, we make up for in fish.

According to the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources from lakes, streams, rivers, reservoirs, and ponds Utah’s fishing is varied and fantastic.

Community ponds are a great, nearby option for Utah residents with busy schedules still wanting to set aside the time to fish and be outdoors.

“This is a great state for fishing….I put trout in today but there’s not just trout there’s catfish there’s bass, lots of different species so depending on what you’re looking to catch you don’t have to drive too far to find what you’re looking for,” said Ryan Arthur, Fish Hatchery Specialist for DWR.

“We want anglers to have a good experience…” said Mark Hadley, Northern Region Outreach Manager DWR.

DWR’s restocking reports show that Clinton Pond has been stocked eight times and the Jensen Nature Park pond has been restocked 11 times in 2019.

To check the stocking records of a pond near you click here.

“Community fishing ponds are really popular waters and so we try to stock them a lot through the year,” Hadley said.

The fish are transported in large tank trucks with added oxygen to help eliminate the stress on the fish.  

The rainbow trout are transported from the hatchery located in Springville and distributed through the northern region of Utah. The channel catfish are brought to Utah from a hatchery located in Arkansas.

Smaller community waters like Clinton Pond receive 171 pounds of rainbow trout, around 500 fish every two weeks.

Larger, more popular community waters like the Jensen Nature Pond Park will have 342 pounds of fish, around 1,000 fish.

During the first half of October, Utahns see the second-best fishing action of the year. It’s second-best because the fishing in late May and early June is hard to beat, officials with DRW said.

The Utah Division of Wildlife wants to be accommodating to Utahns’ love of fishing, so they are restocking your community’s popular ponds almost twice a week from May through October.

Hadley says the transported rainbow trout and channel catfish are most commonly stocked in community waters.

The trout tend to leave the hatchery when they are 10 inches long, the catfish are a little larger between 14 to 15 inches.

The Division of Wildlife Resources has split the state of Utah into five regions and every community across all the regions has community ponds. 

“So all across the state there is probably a community fishing pond not too far from where you live,” Hadley said 

Community waters appeal to nearby residents for their convenience, facilities, and accessibility to fish.

DWR would like to remind all those who fish that these community waters that there is a two-fish limit. Because of their small-size DWR encourages anglers to keep that in mind when out using the community convenience. 

For more information and to find community waters near you click here.

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