SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Despite chagrin from meat-loving residents, Salt Lake City’s vegan-friendly restaurants are good enough to merit a visit from all kinds of foodies.

Some might be surprised to know that SLC has a vast vegan food community, featuring a variety of locations ranging from sit-down diners to street-side counters. Most of these vegan locations already have a long history of serving Utah patrons from around the state.

Vertical Diner at 234 W. 900 S. not only serves a delicious vegan menu but features a private dining room named The Jade Room which is a nod to a previous diner at the location that operated for 60 years. They serve a vegan deli-style Reuben sandwich that is a personal favorite of this reporter, and has a sister location in Portland, OR.

Cleverly-named Mark of the Beastro aptly located on 666 S. State St. offers a slightly different vibe to patrons. It shares a location with a small DIY music venue for fans of punk rock, and specializes in vegan “comfort food” such as fried pickles and breakfast items. Mark of the Beastro is also known for its handsome, large neon sign visible on state street.

For those looking for a vegan bite on the go, Buds is a street-side counter operation located on 300 S. and 509 E. Specializing in vegan subs, Buds serves house-made sauces and proteins, including “veggie” chicken, steak, and turkey. While somewhat small in size, future patrons can identify Buds by its bright red paint and outdoor benches.

For fans of Tibetan food, Cafe Shambala on 382 4th Ave. offers vegan options for most dishes. The cafe has a cozy-looking storefront and a warm interior, and serves classic Tibetan dishes to vegans and non-vegans.

Regardless of peoples’ experiences with vegan dining, all of these vegan spots and more deserve a try. At the very least, vegan cuisine can provide an interesting departure from one’s normal meat-based diet. You might even find a new favorite place to eat here in SLC.