AUSTIN, Texas (ABC4) – John Stockton and Karl Malone are one of the greatest duos in NBA history.

If not for never winning a championship during their tenure with the Utah Jazz, they may have been the greatest NBA duo ever, based on the record books.

Stockton is the career leader in assists and steals by a landslide, making him arguably, the best point guard in NBA history. Malone holds the record for most free throws made in a career and is ranked third (recently passed by Lebron James) in most points scored in a career.

The duo of Stockton and Malone were also a part of the 1992 Team USA basketball team (The “Dream Team”) and the 1996 Team USA basketball team (The “Dream Team 2”), where they won Olympic gold medals both years.

It’s safe to safe that John Stockton and Karl Malone are legends in the state of Utah.

Even if one leaves the state of Utah, their love for the Utah Jazz, Stockton and Malone remains the same. This love runs so deep that a set of very special twins born in Austin, Texas were named after the legendary duo.

In August 2021, Emily and Dustin Hill welcomed twin boys proudly named Stockton and Malone. With the twins’ father, Dustin, hailing from Utah, naming the boys after Stockton and Malone was just perfect and indicative of their incredible strength and journey from the newborn intensive care unit (NICU).

“He [Dustin] joked that if our twins were both boys, we’d name them Stockton and Malone,” says Emily. “Turns out they were both boys, and we liked the idea of them being good teammates like the dynamic duo.”

Dustin’s grandmother was a also huge Jazz fan and that was something he and she bonded over.

Stockton and Malone were born at 22 weeks and 6 days, making them four months premature. Stockton was born at 1.4 lbs and Malone was 1.2 lbs. Being born early, the twins faced health concerns, mainly in the lungs.

“They’re little miracles,” says Emily. “Our lungs were the biggest battle. They came home on oxygen, but have been doing fine without it for two months.”

She mentions that she and her husband are both tall so “if their lungs can handle it, they obviously have to play basketball.”

The boys are now 9 months old in the world, 5 months adjusted age. Although initially born much smaller, Stockton has now surpassed his brother Malone to become the bigger baby — weighing 10 oz. more!

Courtesy of Emily and Dustin Hill

The Utah Jazz celebrated the strength of Stockton Malone with sent two custom jerseys, one of which was signed, to the couple while the boys were still in the NICU.

“Dustin cried happy tears,” Emily says.

Stockton and Malone have years to go before they become eligible for the NBA, but it’s safe to say they’re already on the Utah Jazz’s radar.