(ABC4) – Pets can suffer from seasonal allergies just like humans.

ABC4 spoke with Dr. Sarah Wooten, Pumpkin Pet Insurance Veterinary Expert on what to notice in your pets, how to prevent it and several treatment options.

“Dogs and cats can get seasonal allergies from things like pollen, dust, mites or even cat dander,” Dr. Wooten said. “This can cause itchy skin, sneezing and even infections.”

It’s important to know how to prevent these allergies, especially during these summer months. Dr. Wooten suggests bathing your pets frequently if they can tolerate it and always wiping them down with a baby wipe or pet wipe after being outside.

Important areas to wipe down frequently include their face, paws, underside, legs, and armpits.

“You can also give your pet a daily Omega 3 pill or antihistamine,” Wooten said. “It’s important to talk to your vet about dosage and type but these can really help your pet’s health.”

If your pet does start displaying signs of an allergen, it is important to get them checked and diagnosed by a vet so you can give them the right treatment.

Serious skin infections can be treated with medication or injections. Treatment can be expensive, so it is important to not only have pet insurance, but to continually care for your pet’s health daily.