PROVO, Utah (ABC4 News) – One Provo student is stepping outside of her social media comfort zone to pay it forward in a new way.

Jade Viveiros, Junior at Timpview High School raised money to pay off her own district’s school lunch debt.

Viveiros says her realization of students not having lunch started three months ago when her younger sister came home from school with a story.

Jade Viveiros

“My little sister came home from school one day and talked about how a little boy in her class forgot his lunch money, so he couldn’t pay for his lunch that day,” she said.

Viveiros said her sister and classmates all pitched in to make this student a lunch. 

“…it kind of made me sad because what happens when the classmates don’t pitch in?” she said. “What happens if that kid doesn’t get lunch that day?” 

Viveiros said this got her thinking “What can I do?” So, she called Provo City School District and asked what their outstanding school lunch debt was. 

“I found out it was around $17,000 ” Viveiros says. 

She says she was skeptical at first to use her social media as a positive platform to let her followers know how they could help. 

“Sometimes I think some kids are getting negative results and feedback from social media, so I was a little bit nervous to first share it. But then when I shared it and got all this positive feedback, I was super surprised,” she said.

Viveiros says it was amazing to see her community come together. She earned $8,600 in a month and presented the check to the Provo City School District Tuesday night at a board meeting.  

Viveiros says she’s been completely blown away by the love and support that she’s received from her community. She wants other teens who are looking to make a difference to know that stepping outside of your comfort zone won’t be as as scary as it seems. 

“The first step is putting yourself out there. I was so scared to do that on my social media because sometimes I feel like followers only want to see pictures of you or they just want to catch up on your life, but this was such a different thing for me. I just put myself out there, I was super scared. I’m really happy I did it.”  

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