Provo High welding teacher gives students a unique approach to metalwork and life

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PROVO, Utah (ABC4 News) – Utahns are striving to make a difference all around the Beehive State.

Welding and metal fabrication are skills unfamiliar to most. One Provo High teacher is opening his student’s eyes with a unique approach not only to welding, but to the world. 

Kaleb Money is a teacher, friend, and mentor to the students in his welding classes. Thanks to Money’s efforts his students are exposed to a multitude of metalworking processes, from CAD designing to Forge/Blacksmith and more modern techniques with machines such as the CNC, concluding a full final project every year.

Students in Money’s classroom not only have the opportunity to work with their hands to learn a useful life skill, but are treated like real employees. 

“When we first come in we have clock-in sheets, so we have to clock-in and clock-out every single day; and on those same papers are all of our assignments we get signed off. Our supervisors also have a spot on there where they can sign off if we cleaned up that day or not,” Kylie Robichaux, senior at Provo High says. 

Money says he puts his students through the motions of the workforce so when they’re faced with it they’re ready. 

“In my class, in my program, I really stress punctuality, clocking in, clocking out, going through why you have to do that…log your house,” Money says. 

“One thing that’s not being taught much anymore is work ethic and critical thinking. Every day I’m amazed at kids that surprise themselves with what they’re able to do or achieve or do in my class,” he adds. 

Students can take Money’s welding class all four years of high school. They start at a beginner level and work their way up.

Kindra Lopez, senior says  “I started my freshman year in this class. I thought it would be a fun class to do…and I kinda fell more in love with the classroom environment itself and it just feels like family.” 

Money’s students say they aren’t returning students just for the metalwork, but because they feel at home when in the classroom. 

Dasen Wilkinson, senior says “This is the best class in the whole’s just my favorite class. He’s the best teacher that has ever taught me, cause I just feel a special connection with him when I’m talking to him.”

Money says the first half of the year is dedicated to skill-building and second half, projects. Money says this part of the year makes it all worth it. 

“The best part of my job–when I’ll see a kid take his bike, or something out for the first time and the look on their face like ‘ah I made that’.” 

All of Money’s welding students say he goes above and beyond in investing in their academic growth but also their personal growth. 

“You know you have a good teacher when you have a strong connection with them. As soon as you get to know Money…you know that he’s there for you whenever you need him to be,” says Hunter Williams, Provo High senior. 

Provo High has been recognized for their outstanding results in the Utah Valley CTE Expo-Welding, a growing event that gathers different contestants from local school districts. 

See the video below:

Money has also become somewhat of a local celebrity with his work being recognized by giant fabrication marketer Baileigh Industrial. He made a published a social media video that resulted in his class being gifted Baileigh Industrial equipment for their shop.

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