Residents frustrated over parking crisis at Murray apartment complexes

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MURRAY, Utah (ABC4 News) – Murray residents at new apartment complex developments are facing a parking crisis. 

Two new complexes, Fireclay and Avida, located near Intermountain Medical Center in Murray house hundreds of new resident, but have provided little to no parking. 

“District one [on] the west side of Murray has the most high-density housing of all of Murray and there is a lot of new development,” says Kat Martinez, Candidate for Murray City Council District One. 

Martinez says the biggest issue right now is all these new apartment developments weren’t built with adequate parking.

The complexes don’t have any parking at all, some don’t have enough and others will only let you park if you pay additional fees. 

“But what a lot of people do is just park on the street because they don’t have enough parking” 

Kayli Stratton, Fireclay resident says she’s been living at the complex for three months. She said when she asked for a parking pass they told her to get in line. 

“They tell you you have to be in line before the office like opens so some people start in line at 5 a.m. and they don’t open until 11 a.m.” 

Stratton says if you don’t have a parking pass you park along the street or at the TRAX station nearby. 

“People park along the fire lines as well which we’re not supposed to do,” Stratton says. 

Chad Pascua, Murray City Fire Department Assistant Chief, says last year crews had a hard time responding to Fireclay or Avida because their firetrucks had trouble navigating the narrow roadways and making turns because of the overpopulation of cars.

Pascua says the Mayor’s Office and the fire department worked together to fix the issue and let residents know they were enforcing the changes for their safety, but they understand the frustration residents feel. 

“I think it is a frustration when you don’t have a place to park close to where you live, but unfortunately it’s something that we need to keep clear because you never know if the emergency is going to be you.”  

Martinez says she believes there are solutions available to fix the parking issues. She says we should be looking where parking structures can be built and thinking about bigger picture issues like parking and schools when building these apartments. 

“But if we can’t get fire trucks in there and ambulances in there it’s a huge public safety issue for everyone.” 

Pascua says there have been improvements since Murray City Fire first responded to the apartments a year ago. They monitor the streets to keep up to date of the parking situations to help ensure residents safety.

“Parking where there supposed to really does make a difference in our response,” Pascua says.

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