Nurse sacrifices her own health rushing to help crash victim

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SANDY, Utah (ABC4 News) – On October 10th a semi-truck driver was forced off the road after police say a person driving a Toyota ran a red light.

The semi carrying beer crash-landed into a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints parking lot around 6 a.m. 

Police say the driver of the semi was a 55-year-old man who was transported to the hospital. The driver of the Toyota, who ran the red light was uninjured, police say. 

When the semi crashed, the cab carrying beer broke and scattered all kinds of beer across the parking lot. The pictures were talked about on social media with comments about the irony of beer covering the religious lot. 

The same morning Charmaine Wright was traveling to an exciting day of work. Wright is a labor and delivery charge nurse at Alta View Hospital,  where she planned on delivering her grandchild. 

Charmaine Wright

As she traveled to work she came across the incident involving the semi. Wright says without hesitation she got out of her car and ran toward the scene. 

“I was trying to help a man that was pinned down under a truck, had fallen down below. In the process of trying to get to him, I fell myself and got hurt–broke my leg,” Wright says. 

She was taken from the scene by responding to medical officials and missed the opportunity to deliver her grandson.

Wright says these kinds of situations are instinctual for a nurse. “The nurse in you jumps out.”

Wright entered the parking lot from above, she ran down the grass to try and get to where the driver was located. She says she found an area she thought was a shortcut on a cement patch. She says she sat down, turned to her stomach and then dropped, thinking it was about a foot drop. She says she now knows it was closer to a 5 to 7-foot drop. 

“I shattered my tibula-fibula plateau that was all shattered and I broke the tibia down the shaft…so with surgery they put in plates and screws to try and put it back together,” Wright says. 

Wright is just stepping into what will be an eight-month full recovery. She says her nursing job is very physically taxing and will take several months to rebuild her strength. 

Nurses aren’t only heroes behind hospital doors, they often chose to take their skilled training outside of their professional word to benefit the lives of their community members and even complete strangers. 

“It is my identity. I can’t speak for all nurses…but it is mine. And I have a large family, I have a lot of kids and a lot of grandkids. I’m the nurse, I’m the mom, it’s just part of who we are,” Wright adds. 

I asked Wright is she was ever faced with the same situation again she would do the same thing? She said it’s something she’s thought a lot about but knew her answer was clear. 

“I’d do it. I’ve thought that through and I’d do the same thing over again. It’s been really hard and it’s a long road and it hurts but I don’t think I wouldn’t ever do it again,” Wright says. 

See Charmaine Wright’s GoFundMe account here.

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