ALBERTA, Canada (ABC4 News)- The fossils of a newly discovered dinosaur, said to be the tyrannosaurus rex’s cousin, have been discovered in Alberta, Canada.

The new found creature was a vicious, meat-eating dinosaur with serrated teeth and a monstrous face that scientists are now calling the “reaper of death,” scientists say.

According to, at 79.5 million years old, thanatotheristes degrootorum is the oldest known named t-rex in North America. This is also the first tyrannosaur species to be discovered in Canada in 50 years.

The discovered dino lived during the Cretaceous period which lasted from about 145 million to 65 million years ago. The animal had a mouthful of steak-knife-like teeth that were more than 2.7 inches long. Scientists say that the dinosaur measured about 26 feet long or about the length of four king-size mattresses lined up end to end.

Parts of the dinosaur’s skull and jaw were initially discovered by a Canadian couple who first spotted the remains in 2010 on the shores of the Bow River.

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