SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) – Do you want to order your beer and have it delivered like a pizza? Well, a proposed bill in the 2020 general legislative session could make that a reality. 

According to bill H.B. 203, Beer Delivery Program, if passed would grant the Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission power to issue a beer delivery license to Utahns under specific conditions. 

Bill sponsor, Representative Robert Spendlove, says this bill is responding to two relevant points in Utah, consumer demands and improve public safety. 

Currently, there is no alcohol delivery service to homes allowed in the state of Utah. The bill would only allow the beer to be purchased from a convenience store and delivered to a home.

Spendlove says in the last few years, modern convenience has taken on a new level with quickly available delivery services. 

Spendlove says the passing of the bill has the great potential to reduce drunk driving. 

“The benefit of this is they don’t have to drive to the grocery store or the convenience store–it’s delivered to them. It will actually, I think, save lives.” 

He says any company that wants to be part of this program can, but should prepare and take the terms seriously. 

“They have to essentially put up a bond –so they have to pay money in advance and if they violate the law, in addition to losing their license they lose the money they put up for the bond.” 

He says the recipient of the beer delivery will have to show their ID and go through the same protocol if they were purchasing the beer anywhere else.

I asked Spendlove his feelings on the likelihood of the bill passing…he said he feels the benefits of the bill will resonate with the supporters. 

“I haven’t heard of any formal opposition at this point. I think when people look at the benefits of it, the benefits to consumer choice, the benefits of growing the economy and the benefits to public safety…I think a lot of people will support it.” 

Additional Info: According to the bill the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control and the Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health will require training for authorized delivery agents. 

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