Late skier’s memorial statue moved from Snowbasin Resort to Powder Mountain

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EDEN, Utah (ABC4 News) – A statue made of cement and stone was built and placed on top of Snowbasin Resort in honor of a well-known northern Utah skier who passed away last year –until this week when it was moved to James Peak at Powder Mountain.

Ben Geiger loved the outdoors and had a special love for skiing. He enjoyed going with his friends and family, but also enjoyed going alone.

“The statue is supposed to be of my dad,” says Ben’s son, Laird Geiger.

“And like him skiing where he used to ski,” says Ben’s daughter, Monroe Geiger.

After Ben Geiger’s sudden passing, some of his family members coped with the loss by building a memorial on top of Snowbasin.

“It took us about two and a half months to build it and it was done out of the emotion of his brothers and sister-in-law,” says Ben’s father, Curt Geiger.

While the majority of the memorial is made out of cement and stone, a Rose Quartz was used as a heart. Behind the pink gemstone are some of Ben’s ashes and letters written by his kids and wife.

“I wanted to do something that really was all about him,” says Ben’s brother, Brad Geiger. “It was not just that he loved the mountains, but it was built by those he touched the most and a place for his kids to come say hello to him.”

Shortly after its completion, the U.S. National Forest Service asked the Geiger family to remove the statue – as they needed to have a permit.

“The emotion behind it was now. The emotion of how I feel in this very moment will be gone in three years,” Curt Geiger says.

Curt Geiger says the ski resort knew about the memorial, however, the forest service told him they had to enforce it because of the law.

The forest service gave the family time to figure out what to do with the memorial, and on Tuesday, it was taken from Snowbasin to Powder Mountain.

“When they approached us to bring his memorial up here, we were excited, honored and cannot wait to have it up here,” says Powder Mountain’s marketing coordinator Ben Moisen. “It’s gonna be a great addition to Powder Mountain and the guests are going to absolutely love it as well.”

Ben Moisen says Powder Mountain is privately owned and the nine-foot statue will not be disturbed.

The Geigers say while the statue was made in honor of their husband, father, and brother, they hope others who have lost a loved one can find comfort in their passion for the outdoors.

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