SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – With housing prices continuing to rise, many are left wondering if buying is still better than renting.

ABC4 spoke with Rodney M., a local real estate agent in Salt Lake County.

“It’s always better to buy rather than rent,” said Rodney. “With renting you may only have a contract up to a year and your landlord may raise the rent cost unexpectedly to compete with the rising mortgage rates.”

Another issue in Salt Lake County is the issue of supply — currently, there are not enough rental units for those looking to rent. With demand remaining high and supplies remaining low, it’s no surprise that rental costs have continued to rise throughout Utah.

While many are hesitant to buy a home due to volatile trends in the market, Rodney says Utahns can still remain hopeful.

“We’re seeing the inventory of houses double on the market,” said Rodney. “This has made it easier for homebuyers to be pickier and also reduce the price of mortgages. People no longer have to bring a bunch of cash and get into a bidding war to buy a home.”

While buying a home could be easier on the horizon, building a home is far more difficult. Building costs are still elevated and open land to build on is less desirable.

“It’s hard for me to encourage people to build a home around here,” said Rodney. “The rate for buying the land usually comes with a premium and permits.”

While home buying could potentially become more attainable in the next few months, affordable housing for low-income families is still few and far between for many Utahns today.