SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Having a social life is essential for maintaining your wellbeing but with the pandemic, keeping friends or even making them has become harder than ever!

But with COVID-19 restrictions lowering and bits of the state returning to somewhat of normalcy, crafting new friendships can no longer be an issue.

Here are resources and tools to help guide anyone in finding their “twin flame.”

#1 Reddit

Reddit is a great tool for socializing and making new friends. The social app’s whole mission is focused on bringing communities together.

On the site you can join social groups within your location and connect with like minded people and figure out meetups.

Subreddits for making friends in Utah:

#2 Meetups

Meetup is a website created solely to have people come together. The site invites everyone to join and the best part is that isn’t just for finding friends. Meetup is also a place to find support, grow a business, and explore your interests.

“Thousands of events are happening every day, both online and in person,” shares the site.

#3 Facebook

Facebook is a remarkable tool for garnering friendships. How? Well with the help of Facebook groups!

BigCommerce defines Facebook Groups as spaces for friends, acquaintances, or people with similar interests to discuss or share about broad or narrow topics. 

There are a handful of Facebook groups that plan weekly meetups and participate in exciting group activities.

But how do I find a Facebook group that does all that? All you need to do is search ‘Utah groups’ and click the groups tab when in the app. To help narrow down a group that aligns with your interests, we recommend including an activity you enjoy doing into the tab, for example “Utah hiking group”.

To better help you in your search here are some Utah groups to consider:

#4 The Beehive sport and social club

This club is open to anyone wanting to expand their circle, meet new people and play sports for fun.

The social club has various sport groups and encourages anyone looking for friends to join. Sports include: cornhole, flag football, kickball, pickleball, softball, volleyball, dodgeball, basketball and futsal.

Dave, the founder of the club shares that he came up with the idea after moving to Salt Lake City from Virginia.

“Over one too many beers I decided that my career was going to be organizing the first adult sport and social club in Utah. As I drove every possession I had across the country I spent every tearless minute calling friends, asking if they’d play in a summer kickball league, ” he recalls. “When I ran out of friends I called random 801 numbers. That was a bit awkward although it did lead to a few new friends!!”

In order to register for any of the group sports, just visit and take your pick.

At the end of the day, when it comes to making friends, it is all about being confident and putting yourself out there.

However you decide to connect, make sure to stay safe and be smart.