(ABC4) – A toxic work environment — many might not realize they have one.

Cal Carrera, an Intelligent Leadership Coach spoke with ABC4 about toxic work cultures. “The biggest question you can ask an employee is if they love coming to work,” says Carrera.

Many employees work, but are hoping for more than just a paycheck. “Workers want recognition,” Carrera said. “They want effective communication and benefits with a potential employer.”

Carrera says the culture of a work environment is 10 times more impactful than a substantial paycheck to attain employees.

Signs of a toxic workplace can be anything from high turnover, lack of confidence, poor communication, and unmotivated workers.

One of the main ways to improve toxic work culture is by improving communication from the higher-ranked leaders down to regular employees.

Carrera explained that leaders at a company might have a different view of what their company culture is compared to how employees may view the company culture.

“We look at the role of leaders and figure out what the current culture is and set goals for what kind of work environment they hope to implement,” Carrera said. “We continue to measure progress and build on the talents that are already in place.”

Each company is different in the kind of work culture they want to build, whether it’s more customer-focused, market-driven, or clan-like.

According to Indeed a few ways you can deal with a toxic work environment can include

  • Take small breaks throughout they day
  • Leave work issues at work
  • Make lists and goals for the day
  • Surround yourself with positive co-workers or notes for yourself
  • Stay positive and look for the humor in situations