UTAH (ABC4) – Drought conditions continue to plague Utah and other western states so many are left wondering how they can help save water.

One “as seen on Shark Tank” gadget can help save time, energy, and water. ABC4 spoke with Cyndi Bray, the inventor of ‘Wad-Free’.

Bray created her invention after spending hours rewashing sheets every time she did laundry. Bray set out to fix the everyday problem of sheets being tangled and wadded up in the washing machine.

“I didn’t have any sort of engineering degree, I tasked myself with finding out the physics of why sheets always end up tangled,” said Bray.

After a lot of research, Bray was able to come up with her solution. She put her product on the market in June of 2020 and made her debut on the reality TV show ‘Shark Tank’ in November of 2021.

Bray explained how her product has reduced her laundry time down from hours to just 20 minutes, saving a lot of energy and water.

Bray also explained other ways consumers can save on water and energy. “People don’t realize that much of the energy of their washing machine goes towards heating up water, so I always tell people to make sure to use cold water,” said Bray. “Another tip is to run your washing machine at full capacity, don’t run multiple small loads, combine loads to save on tons of water.”

Bray’s product Wad-Free can be found on her website, Amazon, Grommet, or Walmart marketplace.