HOUSTON, TX (WCMH/CNN) — A man in Texas is heartbroken and angry after a carjacker attacked him, took off with his U-Haul that had his dog inside, then shot his beloved pet to death. 

Matthew Schultz said he and his boyfriend, Blake Kollin, were excited about moving into their new apartment. But the day before they were expected to move in, he was attacked.  

“Out of nowhere this guy comes and opens the door and punches me in the face punches me in the ribs rips me out of the U-Haul gets in starts peeling away,” Schultz told KTRK.  

Also, inside the truck, was Schultz’s dog Mushu. 

“Please just give me my baby back take everything else, just give me my baby back,” Schultz said he begged of his attacker. But it was no good.   

A day went by before Schultz and Kollin got the heartbreaking news from police. Their beloved pet was dead.   

“That’s my baby. That’s my son. Being told that your son is gone is the worst feeling in the world,” said Schultz.  

Schultz and Kollin are also out their $40,000 they hoped to use for their new apartment. 

So now I don’t even know what were gonna do,” said Kollin.  

But Schultz says nothing hurts like the loss of their dog Mushu.  

“The sweetest puppy on the on the face of the earth. I know how scared he must have been.”