UTAH (ABC4) – Utahns are quite the creative crowd!

Custom car vanity plates can be bundles of fun, allowing drivers to express themselves to fellow motorists on the road.

Some Utahns have had a little too much fun, hoping to get away with some not-so-PG entries.

Out of the thousands of new license plates issued by the Utah Division of Motor Vehicles, 942 of them made it onto the naughty list and were denied for a variety of reasons.

Some plates were denied simply because they had already been issued, while others treaded on more nefarious ground such as alluding to drugs (“CANABUS,” “MOLLIE,”), sexual references, or threats to the public welfare (such as “PISTEL,” “UZI,” or “NUKE^UP”).

The majority of plates denied in 2021 were based on grounds of “VDPO,” which stands for “vulgar, derogatory, profane or obscene.”

Most plates were quite mischievous with phrases such as, “BUM,” “WH00PAS,” and “NUTZ,” while others chose slang acronyms such as, “DGAF,” LMA0,” and “DILF.”

Honorable mentions include, “M0JIT0,” “MARTINI,” “M00NSHN,” “SP0ILED,” “SL0WAF,” “TH1CCC,” and “TUSHI.”

To see the full list of rejected Utah license plates in 2021, click here.