Construction workers endure long days in the hot summer sun

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) -The scorching heat creeping across the Wasatch Front Monday and Tuesday won’t only bring high temperatures but a rise in heat-related illness. 

Most people are focused on staying cool while out in the sun. Unfortunately, keeping cool at the construction site is a little trickier than taking a dip in the nearest pool. 

“It’s a struggle I don’t think you ever get used to it, but we’ve learned to deal with it,” Kelly Clyde, foreman for B2 Air Systems says.

Construction workers battle long, hot days in the sun all summer long. Clyde says on hot days he calls his employees to remind them to prepare for the heat and stay hydrated.

Construction worker, Sean Villalobos, says most people think their work is just physically demanding…he says it goes beyond just physical exertion. 

“It’s physically and mentally challenging…climbing up stairs flights and flights all day constantly on our feet, up and down ladders it gets pretty straining on the body…especially with the heat.”

Villalobos says the days are long but advises to “throw on some music, talk to friends and just keep working– keep your mind busy.” 

For more information on keeping cool in the construction site, click here.

If you are out working in the sun this summer, know the signs of heat exhaustion. 

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