KAYSVILLE, Utah (ABC4 News) – Rachel Peterson is from Kaysville and a high school senior at Davis High school.

Peterson was involved in cheerleading at her high school and was fortunate enough to finish her senior season of cheerleading before the lockdowns due to the coronavirus were announced. Even though Peterson was able to finish out her cheerleading seson she is missing out on springs sports.

Peterson like many other high school seniors expected the last year of high school to be different, but the COVID-19 pandemic changed those expectations. She expected it to “be fun” and so far she says it has been fun until they had to stay home.

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Peterson added that she was looking forward to participating in all the activities that are meant for seniors like signing up the school’s volleyball tournament, senior cotillion (a dance only for seniors), senior sleepover, senior sunrise, senior party after graduation, the last prom and may others.

“I was picturing myself at all of these events a few months ago and now its all gone. But I fell like if us not participating in those means that its going to keep my famil safe and my friend safeand everybody I love safe, then its worth missing out on those opportunities because there is soo much instore for us. Soo much more than that in store for us later on in our lives in the coming years,” Peterson said.

Peterson is still able to communicate with her friends during quarrantine through social media. Before the lockdown was announced, Peterson said she and a few of her friends went to a parking lot where they parked six feet apart in acircle and talk to each other.

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Peterson says she misses the simple things in life like going to the store without having to wear a face mask and spend time with her friends at restaurants.

Peterson is planing to continue her education at Utah State University in the Fall and she is excited for the new chapter in her life.

Peters says, she is looking forward to everything going back to normal. she added that she will not be taking anything for granted anymore.

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