(ABC4) – Get the broomsticks and pointed hats ready, it’s witchy season.

According to All Home Connections, the most popular Halloween costume of 2021 in Utah is expected to be the witch. However, considering that 13 other states are projected to tote witches as their top getup of the occasion, it could be considered a ‘basic witch problem.’

That said, the report shows that Americans are getting a bit more creative when coming up with – or searching – for costume ideas. In 2020, just 12 different ideas dominated Google searches, whereas this year, 20 different costumes have been top searches across the nation.

The witch appears to be the prevailing costume choice for most of the western United States, with Idaho, Nevada, and California all set to dust off the wands and cook up potions for the season.

Apparently, the 1995 teen comedy, Clueless, is seeing a resurgence in popularity in New Mexico for some reason. According to the survey, residents of the Land of Enchantment can expect to see plenty of faux-Alicia Silverstones, Stacey Dashes, and Paul Rudds in the same area that perennial pop culture favorite Walter White called home in Breaking Bad.

Other findings in the report indicate that many Americans have had enough of the mask-wearing that was a hallmark of daily life in 2020 and are ready to reveal something that may for some, be even scarier for Halloween 2021: their faces. Last year, Spider-Man, a noted mask-wearing superhero, was the most popular search in eight different states. This time around, the alter ego to Peter Parker doesn’t appear as the top search in any state.

The projections were made by referencing Google’s top costume list from last with an analysis of current Google Trends data to create some interesting findings.

While finding something to wear is certainly one of the most fun – or stressful – parts of the holiday, one of the bigger questions surrounding All Hallows Eve this year is which day it should be celebrated. Oct. 31 falls on a Sunday this year and perhaps due to the fact that it’s a school and workday the next morning, some feel that trick-or-treating should be done on Saturday.

The lack of a consensus on this matter was visible in the Facebook comments to ABC4.com’s story on Monday.

Local community leaders are either staying out of the matter or letting residents decide how they choose to escort their little witches and Cher Horowitzes on their candy-grabbing ventures.

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