Black Friday: crowds not as wild and the parking lots not as congested

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) – Black Friday: the day where all our favorite retailers offer insane deals on every product imaginable. 

The term “Black Friday” was first used in 1966. By the 80’s, the term was commonly used across the nation by retailers linking their holiday deals to the day after Thanksgiving. 

We’ve all heard Black Friday stories of tramplings and people fighting tooth and nail over the last plasma screen TV. 

Despite the increase in Cyber Monday sales, Black Friday is still the reigning major shopping day of Thanksgiving weekend, according to 

However, that doesn’t mean that shopping would take place in stores: 61 percent of Thanksgiving shoppers planned to shop online on Black Friday 2019. But this is down from 2018, when 68 percent of Thanksgiving weekend shoppers planned to do most of their shopping online.

Only 15 percent said they’d wake up early to wait for stores to open in 2018.

This year the crowds weren’t as wild and the parking lots not as congested. In fact, those who braved the cold and early morning hours for deals, seemed to be there for one main reason: tradition. 

Trama Warner says she’s noticed the shift of crowds dying down over the years but says she will continue in-store shopping for the sake of tradition. 

“It’s used to be with my sisters-in-law, right? We’d get stuff for our littles–we’d divide and conquer, and there were long, long lines out the stores and now it’s a little more relaxed.” 

Shambray Waddops says she too chooses to shop in-store on Black Friday for tradition but gets why others prefer online. 

“I go online too, cause there’s more selection online but, I don’t know it’s kinda fun to see what they have.”

 Samantha Guerrero says she likes to head into the stores to see the product she’s purchasing. 

“Well, for me I like to go in-store because I like to see the things in person.”

Even though online shopping has largely replaced getting up at the crack of dawn to visit all your favorite retailers, some shoppers still opt for tradition over comfort when it comes to Black Friday.

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