Adulting can be hard — here’s how one business can help you

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TOOELE, Utah (ABC4 News) – Adulting can be hard and there are some skills you might not have to help you in a certain situation. But thanks to a local business and social media, you can learn some life skills you didn’t have before.

At the Ascend Staffing branch in Tooele, manager Cathy Stromberg is bringing in other local businesses to teach people via Facebook Live (or people who want to come to the office) about basic exercising, hair care, financial information, how to change a tire and safety tips in the workplace or at home.

Stromberg says she and her company believe in partnering with businesses in the community to help others and this is a way she felt she could help.

“As we know there are lots of single-parent families and they might work long hours and can’t teach these skills,” Stromberg says. “Not to mention with education being cut maybe these skills are not taught in school either.”

Because people can attend the weekly, Wednesday courses in person or online, Stromberg says it makes it convenient for everyone – no matter their schedule.  

To watch the life skills videos or for more information, click here.


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