Wildfire season is here again in Utah. With four active wildfires currently raging, let’s take a look back at the seven worst Utah fires since 2009.


Pole Creek Fire

Year: September 2018

Location: Off Mount Nebo Loop Road and 12 miles Northeast of Nephi, Utah

Size: The Pole Creek Fire eventually combined with the Bald Mountain Fire. Together, they burned nearly 105,000 acres.

Cause: Lightning

Dollar Ridge Fire

Dollar Ridge Fire

Year: July 2018

Location: 8 miles southwest of Duchesne

Size: 68,869 acres

Cause: Human


Brian Head Fire

Year: June 2017

Location: Near Brian Head, Utah

Size: 71,673 acres

Cause: Human

Seeley Fire

Year: June 2012

Location: Huntington Canyon

Size: 48,050 acres

Cause: Lightning

Clay Springs Fire near Oak City_8978634916262002773

Clay Springs Fire

Year: June 2012

Location: South of Oak City

Size: 107,847 acres

Cause: Unknown

Wood Hollow Fire

Year: June 2012

Location: Sanpete County

Size: 47,387 acres

Cause: Power Lines

Twitchell Canyon Fire

Year: July 2010

Location: 7 miles east of Manderfield, Utah

Size: 45,126 acres

Cause: Lightning

In 2018, 92% of all wildfires were started by people. Most were accidents, all were preventable.

For the latest on wildfires in our state visit abc4.com/wildfires.

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