FRIDAY 1/7/22 8:29 a.m.

UTAH COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) – Authorities have located relatives of a man found near Utah Lake.

The Utah County Sheriff’s Office (UCSO) says they’ve located family connected to John Everett Booth and is currently working with a medical examiner to identify the remains.

The entire process may take several months, officials say.

“Thanks to all who reached out with information helping to move this case forward,” says the UCSO.

Original Story: Detectives hoping to identify remains found near Utah Lake

THURSDAY 1/6/22 11:53 a.m.

UTAH COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) – Detectives are trying to identify human remains discovered near Utah Lake last October.

The Utah County Sheriff’s Office (UCSO) says identification was discovered alongside the remains. The ID lists a man named John Everett Booth, who would be 75-years-old if he were still alive today.

The body was discovered on a property located near Geneva Road between Provo and Orem. A family member found an ID card and bones about 350 feet from the shore of Utah Lake. Upon investigation, authorities say the remains have been there for many years, likely from the 1990s or earlier.

Officials also found pieces of torn clothing scattered around the bones. Investigators have been seeking information by searching through local businesses, medical and mental health providers, law enforcement agencies, addresses, the Utah Transit Authority, the State of Utah, and jail booking records — but to no avail.

UCSO has located the relatives of Booth on Thursday and announced that they’ll be working with the medical examiner to positively identify the remains as belonging to Booth.

Courtesy: UCSO

Items discovered alongside the remains are an ID card from Utah, a Utah Transit Authority Reduced Fare card, a Utah Horizon food stamps card, a Smith’s Fresh Values frequent shopper card, a “Winner” brand shoe, a blue jacket, and a Timex analog watch.

If anyone knows Booth or has information about him, contact Detective Greg Sherwood at (801) 851-4026 or (801) 851-4010.

For other questions, contact Sergeant Spencer Cannon, Public Information Officer, Utah County Sheriff’s Office at (801) 404-1912.

You can also email