Deputy Sherwood: ‘I knew this was the vehicle’

PROVO, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – Deputy Greg Sherwood never made it to lunch.

On the day he was shot and wounded by a fleeing fugitive, Sherwood had just wrapped up a routine traffic stop and was planning on getting a bite to eat.

Sherwood was the first witness Tuesday by the state in the trial of Meagan Grunwald. She is accused of helping with the murder of Sgt. Cory Wride.

Sherwood and Wride are with the Utah County Sheriff’s office. Grunwald’s boyfriend, Jose Angel Garcia Juarageui is the suspected triggerman. He was killed in a shootout with police after a two county police chase. Grunwald is accused of being Garcia’s driver during their run from the law.

“I heard some police chatter about an ATL (attempt to locate) vehicle,” Sherwood testified.

Moments later, Sherwood said he got a phone call with more information from another deputy about what had happened.

“(Sgt.) Wride had checked out of his vehicle,” Sherwood said.

On the stand Sherwood was emotional as he testified about Wride. At the time all he knew was that Wride was not responsive. Sherwood developed a plan of action by deciding to head towards Highway 6 on the west side of Utah County. He was south bound on Interstate 15.

On his way there Sherwood testified that he heard about a vehicle matching the description was spotted northbound on I-15 at the southern end of Utah County.

“I knew this was the vehicle and it was heading right towards me,” he said. “I was in perfect position.”

Sherwood’s dash cam recording was played for the jury as he spoke. At this point it showed his vehicle parked on an off ramp waiting.

“I saw a white pickup truck exit,” he testified. “I felt this was the vehice that matched the description.”

It was leaving I-15 and driving onto the ramp that leads to Main Street in Santaquin.

But Sherwood was on the opposite off-ramp on I-15 and turned his truck around going against traffic. He pulled behind the white Tundra which was stopped at a traffic light before coming into Santaquin. The Tundra had its left turn signal blinking as if to return to the interstate. But the dash cam recording showed the driver continued into Santaquin with Sherwood right behind it.

The distance between the two vehicles shortened and suddenly the brake lights of the Tundra came on.

“I thought they were going to stop in the middle of the road,” Sherwood testified. “I wasn’t sure what they were capable of. But I wanted them held accountable. They sucked me in.”

He said he didn’t turn on his lights and sirens because “of the danger.” He wanted backup to know where he was.
Instead two shots rang out from the Tundra and could be heard. Sherwood is hit and his vehicle comes to a stop.

“I blacked out for 30 or 40 seconds,” he said. “I didn’t know if they were going to come back. I couldn’t defend myself.”

Sounds of groans and “oh God” could be heard inside the cab of Sherwood’s truck. He is clearly struggling. The dash camera is still running and the Tundra can be seen taking off and then turning around as it passes Sherwood’s truck and leaves the area.

The bullets came through his windshield. One of them struck him in the side of forehead and entered into his skull. He said some of the fragments went into his brain and ear area. It has affected his speech and ability to walk.

Sherwood told jurors he has returned to work on a part-time basis.

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