Davis County sisters battle cancer together, laugh their way through treatment

DAVIS COUNTY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – They travel together, worship together, and now, three local sisters are battling cancer together.
Annette, Lindsay, and Sharee Page are laughing their way through cancer treatment. 
“Our family has always been the type of not letting anything get you down,” Annette said.
The sisters say for them, the easiest way to cope is through humor.  
“I hope men like women with bald heads!” Sharee laughed in a video of her sister shaving her head.  
“They do.  They come after me like crazy, I’ll be honest!” an already-bald Annette responds in the video. 
But 38 year-old Lindsay received her diagnosis first.  The wife and mom of four learned she has angiosarcoma in January of last year.
“It’s a cancer of the blood vessel lining, it’s a very rare cancer… I did six months of chemo last year,” she explained.
Fast-forward to February of this year, and doctors discovered the cancer spreading to Lindsay’s lungs, so they sent her to an immunotherapy trial study, but the battle was just beginning. 
In March, it was 36 year-old Annette’s turn.
“I was diagnosed with stage III breast cancer,” Annette recalled. 
Experts found the BRCA2 mutation in Annette.  It is a gene linked to breast cancer risk. 
Turns out, 34 year-old Sharee carries BRCA2 as well. 
“I had a little lump on my left breast, and I was like, ‘Oh, I should probably get that checked,’ but I was laughing because I was like, ‘There’s no way.  There’s no way we’re all going to have cancer.’ So, I was making jokes about it,” Sharee said.
But it was no joke.  In April, a stage II breast cancer diagnosis for Sharee.
“I’m like, ‘Did we really have to do everything together?'” Sharee laughed. 
Sharee and Annette — both single — share a love for travel.  They have visited 55 countries over the last 13 years.  For now, those adventures are on hold, but they are still sticking together. 
“We do chemo together,” Sharee said.
“We said we’d make it easy on our mom.  She could just come once — kill two birds with one stone,” Annette added. 
Lindsay’s trial immunotherapy treatments seem to be working, but she says she has no way of predicting an outcome.  She says her focus right now is fixed on family and faith.
“There’s a plan for each of us, and it’s okay.  You just kind of have to let go of what you thought would happen and ride with it,” she told Good 4 Utah’s Ali Monsen. 
Together, the strong women continue laughing their way through treatment, making it clear — it’s not naiveté but a conscious decision to choose happiness.
The Page sisters are documenting journey on youtube and on facebook
They say their mother is a two-time cancer survivor. 

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