Coral reef systems are in decline, see how Living Planet Aquarium is doing its part to help

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It’s World Ocean Week! A week recognized around the world, to celebrate the ocean and what humans can do to protect it.

At Living Planet Aquarium, they’re celebrating World Ocean Week from June 7th through June 13th to help fulfill their mission to inspire people to Explore Discover and Learn about Earth’s diverse ecosystems.

At the Aquarium they’ve decided to take their mission a little bit further. The aquarium is home to many marine species and they have fostered initiatives including the Coral Rescue program. The goal of the Rescue program is to restore 22 million square feet of coral reef in the Coral Triangle.

Coral Reefs face many threats including:
  • Disease
  • Pollution
  • Overfishing
  • Dynamite fishing
  • Destructive recreational divers
  • Bleaching caused by rising sea temperatures due to climate change

One of the biggest things we can all do to help the ocean, which will make a big difference, is to limit our use of single-use plastics; replace single-use items with things like reusable bags, water bottles, utensils, and straws.  

The Aquarium has “coral trees” where they collect small coral fragments that have broken off naturally, hang those on the tree, and grow at a rapid pace. Once they grow more, they fragment them and grow them into larger pieces again. Then when they’re ready, they replant them onto reefs and help re-establish these crucial ecosystems. 

Visit The Living Planet Aquarium Coral Rescue website to donate and learn more about their efforts. Also, visit the Aquarium, you can purchase tickets here.

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