SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News) – As our world continues to evolve during this pandemic, some may question the safety of voting in the election. But, Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill is assuring people that it is safe and it is your right, reminding everyone of the safety and sanctity of elections.

DA Sim Gill made it simple: He will protect the vote.

“Nobody can intimidate you, nobody can coerce you to not vote and if somebody does, it is a violation of the law,” Gil said.

When it comes to election day, there is no reason to worry about voter fraud.

Gill continued, “While people talk about it, it is something that does not happen. Voting and vote by mail is safe.”

With the COVID-19 pandemic changing everything around us, Vote by Mail is the primary option for voting this year. Luckily in Utah, Vote by Mail is not new and is proven to work.

Gill put it plainly, “Utah has a history of safe vote by mail. We are encouraging everyone to be out and vote.”

When it comes to verifying a vote, it comes down to the signature. Each is checked to make sure it matches.

Gill explained, “It is against the law to vote for somebody, it is against the law to sign somebody’s signature. If they catch those anomalies, they will check it and investigate what happened.”

If there is a concern, you will be contacted. Everyone can confidently exercise their right to vote.

Gill added, “We are urging people to be heard, to be counted, and make a plan to vote.”
If you would like to follow your ballot, you can do so HERE.

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