LAVA HOT SPRINGS, Idaho (ABC4) — A Centerville man was charged Wednesday for allegedly raping a woman in eastern Idaho last fall.

William Dion Nay, 39, has been charged with rape, a felony for an incident that occurred last fall.

On Oct. 31, 2021, a woman called the Bannock County Sheriff’s Office to report that she had been raped the night before. According to court documents, she said she wanted to speak with deputies and was waiting in a black SUV parked near a restaurant in Lava Hot Springs.

According to East Idaho News, she told officials she had been drinking. While officials were en route to meet her, she was pulled over by deputies for driving erratically.

When deputies arrived, they spoke with the woman who reportedly told them she had been raped the night before by Nay after they went out drinking. She said Nay was flirting with her, and she made it clear that “doing so was not okay,” the affidavit says.

According to the victim, she fell asleep in a room she was sharing with Nay and woke up to find him on top of her. She reportedly pushed him off and said Nay made her feel like what happened was her fault before she left.

Deputies collected the clothing Nay was wearing and requested the victim have a rape examination at the hospital, but she denied it and told officials she did not want to pursue charges. When deputies told her Nay could face a felony, the victim said she and Nay had been friends for around 10 years so she did not want to do that.

The victim agreed to complete a written statement, but did not want to pursue charges, the court document states.

Nay told officials a different story. He allegedly said they had been kissing and cuddling in bed and had consensual sex. According to Nay, they spent much of the night kissing and flirting, and when they got back to the hotel room, they continued kissing and eventually had sex.

Nay said right after they had sex, the victim told Nay he had just raped her. Nay said this angered him, so he called a friend to pick him up.

Deputies spoke with the victim again informing them of Nay’s side of the story, but she said it was false. The victim said they had not kissed at any point during the night, and they were not cuddling in bed.

Several days later, the victim called the Bannock County Sheriff’s Office to let them know she was interested in pursuing charges.

If Nay is found guilty, he could face up to life in prison. He is scheduled to appear in court on May 24 for a preliminary hearing.