ST. GEORGE, Utah (ABC4) — A St. George police officer and K9 were praised for leading the arrest of four people who allegedly had plans to defraud bank account holders with fake IDs.

According to the St. George Police Department, Officer Ott conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle registered out of California on Wednesday, Feb. 1, after he saw three of the passengers “acting suspiciously” in front of a retail store on River Road at about 8:50 p.m.

K9 Emma reportedly did a sniff around the vehicle and alerted Ott to the presence of narcotics. A search of the vehicle allegedly revealed more than 10 pieces of fake driver’s licenses, a printer and blank cards for forged IDs.

Police say a man in the vehicle told Ott about their “sophisticated” fraud scheme where he and a group will use forged documents to empty people’s bank accounts. The driver also allegedly say they were planning to target banks in the St. George area before traveling up north to continue their crime spree.

The four people were booked into jail on 26 charges each, police say.

“We are grateful for this great police work performed by Officer Ott and K9 Emma,” said officials from SGPD. “Yet another group from California learns you can’t underestimate the [SGPD.]”