TOOELE, Utah (ABC4) — Two men were arrested last Saturday in connection to a body found by I-80 in Tooele County with multiple gunshot wounds earlier this month.

On Saturday, Feb. 25, David Tennis, 33, was arrested on a second-degree obstruction of justice charge while Alejandro (Alex) Manuel Moore, 31, was arrested on a first-degree murder charge.

Anthony Bracamonte, 30, of Ogden, was found dead by westbound I-80 near milepost 93 on Feb. 15. Utah Highway Patrol troopers say two new t-shirts with tags on them, a jacket and 12 bullet casings were recovered around the body.

According to the affidavit, troopers and Utah State Bureau of Investigation agents visited Bracamonte’s home in Ogden and spoke with his partner who said the last time she saw him was on Feb. 11.

That day, Bracamonte allegedly had a fight with his partner and left with his friend, later identified as Moore, to get drinks. When they returned to the residence with another man, Bracamonte was reportedly intoxicated and “tore up” the home, leading to a neighbor calling the police. Authorities later identified the third man as Tennis.

Bracamonte later left the house without taking his phone and wallet. The next day, Moore allegedly visited the home, which the partner said was odd because he would only come over with Bracamonte.

Moore allegedly told the partner that Bracamonte was “acting crazy” last night and had touched Moore’s mother inappropriately as they were driving to Wendover with Tennis. After that, Bracamonte tried to get out of the car Moore was driving. According to the affidavit, Moore said he eventually left Bracamonte on the side of the freeway.

When questioned by authorities, Tennis reportedly had a different version of the story. Tennis allegedly said Bracamonte tried to open his side of the door after getting out of the vehicle, so he exited the vehicle and had a physical fight with Bracamonte on I-80. Tennis told police he then heard Moore’s mother say something like “Get out of the way” before Moore shot Bracamonte multiple times.

Tennis added that Moore shot Bracamonte again after he had collapsed by the road. Following that, the three drove down I-80 and threw Bracamonte’s phone out of the car. Moore and his mother allegedly said they needed to stick to one story, which was that they left Bracamonte on the side of the freeway, and he must have taken a gun from the glove box.

Later in the day, Tennis reportedly told police the three of them had traveled to dispose of the gun used to shoot Bracamonte and the clothes they were wearing at the time of the shooting.

When questioned by law enforcement, Moore reportedly maintained that he went home and came back to look for Bracamonte at about 6 a.m. He told SBI agents that his 9mm was stolen after he last saw Bracamonte, the affidavit states. Moore had also allegedly reset his phone because he was having trouble with it. However, police say he finished the interview by saying, “It was my gun that killed him.”

Investigators also found surveillance footage of Moore and Tennis purchasing new T-shirts on Feb. 11 that were later found on the scene. Investigators managed to tap into Moore’s phone records, locating him at both the store and later the location where Bracamonte’s body was found, the affidavit states.

Tennis has been booked into the Tooele County Jail on the charges previously stated.

Moore was arrested on one charge of murder and booked in the Washington County Jail on Feb. 25. He will be transported to the Tooele County Jail in the future.