ROY, Utah (ABC4) – A Roy man has been arrested for allegedly placing a tracking device to stalk his wife without her knowledge.

Police say the suspect secretly placed a tracking device on the victim’s car. The victim, who is the suspect’s wife, is currently separated from him.

The victim told officers she found a cell phone housed inside a plastic bag secured to the rear suspension area of her car. She believes the device allowed her husband to follow her wherever she traveled.

Upon investigation, authorities discovered the device was linked to the man’s personal Google account and had active GPS applications running at the time.

The victim told police she had once spotted her husband watching her as she dined in a restaurant in another town. She told officers she felt “sick” and couldn’t finish her meal at the time.

During police questioning, the suspect reportedly admitted to tracking and following the victim with the cell phone in question.

The suspect has been arrested on charges of stalking and unlawful installation of a tracking device. He is currently booked at the Weber County Jail.