PROVO, Utah (ABC4) — A Provo man is facing a rape charge after a recent Tinder date, according to the Wasatch County Sheriff’s Office.

Waldemar Diez, 26, is facing one charge of object rape (first-degree felony).

On Oct. 2, a woman contacted the Wasatch County Sheriff’s Office and reported a man, identified as Diez, for sexual assault.

The woman told authorities that she had met Diez through the dating app Tinder, and that she had been communicating with him over the app, as well as through Snapchat, and over text.

She reportedly said she agreed to meet with Diez in person, and decided that he would pick her up in his car near Heber City.

The woman said that once they were in the vehicle together, Diez drove her to a secluded area outside of the Heber City limits.

Once there, Diez reportedly assaulted the victim.

After the alleged assault, Diez drove the woman to a nearby gas station and dropped her off. As he was driving away, the woman reportedly took a picture of his license plate.

Using Diez’ license plate information, law enforcement was able to track him down at his Provo home. Diez was then taken to the Provo Police Department to speak about the incident.

In talking with police, Diez reportedly admitted to the assault, but claimed that he had believed the woman would enjoy it. He also claimed that the two had been kissing prior to his actions, and that he felt everything had been consensual.

After the interview, a deputy told Diez they would be taking his phone and applying for a warrant to search its contents. That warrant has reportedly since been approved and police are in the process of collecting the data.

“Based on the investigation, the injuries the woman sustained, and the comments from both parties, I believe there is probable cause to believe [Diez] committed the crime of Object Rape,” an affidavit states.

No further information is available at this time.