WEBER COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) – A man was arrested in late November, accused of defrauding several victims out of nearly $44,000 across Weber and Davis County and Roy City. Police are now asking other victims to report their experiences as well.

Anthony Tobias Aguilar, 55, faces charges of engaging in construction trade without a license, a Class ‘A’ misdemeanor, and communications fraud, a third degree felony.

According to a booking affidavit, Aguilar offered to do construction work and entered into business contracts with at least seven victims. The victims would sign the contract with Aguilar and pay him a “significant portion” of the contracted amount as a down payment, but Aguilar would allegedly not complete the work.

Aguilar reportedly received about $44,000 in down payments toward those contracts, which totaled just over $56,000.

In one instance, police say a victim contracted Aguilar to have his roof redone for about $5,000. The work was reportedly completed without major issues, prompting the victim to allegedly contract Aguilar again to have his deck re-done and to have a tree cut down, for another $5,000.

“[The victim] paid [Aguilar] $4,000 down. [Aguilar] brought some materials over but did not do any work,” said the booking affidavit. “[Aguilar] told [the victim] the cost would actually be $10,000. [The victim] did not agree.”

In another instance with the same victim, Aguilar allegedly asked the victim if he could park his Corvette at the victim’s house for a few months. Police say the victim agreed for $2,000, but the two never signed a contract for the agreement. Aguilar allegedly parked his car and picked it up six months later.

Aguilar allegedly never paid the victim for parking the car and never re-did the deck or cut down the tree.

The Utah Division of Professional Licensing received numerous reports from people who had dealings with Aguilar, with every experience being very similar. According to the affidavit, Roy City Police Department has two cases with Aguilar and Davis County has several cases.

Weber County Sheriff’s Office says it is unknown how many victims Aguilar has in all and is asking for victims who have had similar experiences with Aguilar to contact their local dispatch to report it.

Charges are allegations only. All arrested persons are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.