BOUNTIFUL, Utah (ABC4) — A man was taken into custody after he allegedly told a woman he didn’t know, in Bountiful, that he was put on this earth to kill her on Thursday afternoon.

Kirubel Orson Pead, 21, was booked into the Davis County Jail, facing misdemeanor charges of threat of violence, criminal trespass, and intoxication.

According to arresting documents, Pead allegedly got into the woman’s car without permission while she was parked in a stall at a Bountiful grocery store. The woman told police Pead started “going off” about random topics before saying that he was going to kill her. Pead allegedly told the woman that he was put on this earth to kill her.

The woman reports asking Pead to get out of her car, but he refused. The woman then got out of the car herself and called 911.

When the Bountiful Police Department arrived, they said they found the woman next to her car and Pead sitting in the front passenger seat.

Responding officers made commands for Pead to step out of the car but he “did not respond.” Pead was eventually pulled out of the car and detained.

Bountiful Police said Pead continued to not make sense and was hard to understand due to “talking so fast.” Eventually, Pead allegedly gave responding officers permission to call a contact on his phone.

The woman police called reportedly said Pead smokes weed but did not mention any other form of drug abuse or mental health issues.

During his interview with police, Pead allegedly told an officer he was going to kill him, steal his gun and slice his throat.

Bountiful Police ended their report by saying based on Pead’s behavior, “it’s likely he [was] under the influence of drugs.”