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MURRAY, Utah (ABC4) — A man pinned his wife and ran over another woman with his car following a domestic dispute in Murray on Saturday, according to Murray Police.

Erwin Jay Riggs, 37, was arrested for two counts of aggravated assaulted resulting in serious bodily injury (first-degree felony), failure to remain at accident involving serious injury (third-degree felony), violent offense committed in presence of a child (class A misdemeanor), intoxication (class C misdemeanor), and criminal mischief (class A misdemeanor).

On Sept. 9, police responded to reports of a woman being run over by a vehicle. Upon officers’ arrival, they found her lying in the street with severe head injuries.

After she was taken to the hospital, her injuries were identified as “head lacerations, blunt force related trauma, and other scrapes and bruises,” according to a probable cause statement. Police said the woman underwent immediate surgery for these injuries, which medical professionals described as life-threatening.

Detectives were called to the scene and spoke to the other victim, Riggs’ wife. Upon speaking with her, police learned that Riggs had come home intoxicated and an argument began.

Riggs allegedly then began damaging his wife’s car, punching the tail light out and letting air out of the tires. Then, he allegedly went back into the house and grabbed a kitchen knife and his wife’s car keys before getting in his vehicle.

While his wife went after him, Riggs reportedly tried to back out of the driveway with the car door open, pinning his wife’s chest against another vehicle. The victim had “ripped pants with bleeding knees, and bruising across her torso where the car door pinned her,” the affidavit states.

Riggs reportedly pulled forward to unpin her.

Another woman heard the victim’s screams and ran outside, police said. The second woman allegedly put her hand on Riggs’ car door, which then got pinned after Riggs closed the door.

Riggs reportedly then backed out of the driveway, pushing his wife to the ground and dragging the second woman. Riggs then drove forward, dragging the second woman for around 10-15 feet before her hand was freed from the door.

Riggs’ wife and a child at the scene reported to police that they saw Riggs’ vehicle run over the woman’s head as Riggs drove off.

Detectives reportedly later picked up Riggs after tracking his vehicle through a dealership applied tracker. Police said he smelled of alcohol and was belligerent with officers.

After being arrested, Riggs reportedly told police he was going to return to the home to “finish the job,” according to the affidavit. Police said he also stated, “Next time this happens, you ain’t gonna find me.” Riggs allegedly also threatened officers while being taken into custody.

Riggs’ charges related to this incident were enhanced due to previous domestic violence convictions.

No further information is available at this time.