MOAB, Utah (ABC4) — A man who was reportedly “tired of people messing with him” attacked two people with a knife and taser last Saturday in Grand County.

On Wednesday, April 26, Alexander Michael Kensell, 38, was charged at the Seventh District Court in Grand County with attempted murder, a first-degree felony; two counts of aggravated assault, both third-degree felonies; two counts of purchase/transfer/possession/use of a dangerous weapon by a restricted person, both third-degree felonies; possession of a controlled substance, a class B misdemeanor; and reckless burning, a class B misdemeanor.

According to court documents, Kensell, who was homeless, started a fire on Mill Creek Trail last Saturday and was told by a man and a woman, who were walking their dogs, that it wasn’t safe to do so.

After they told him it wasn’t safe to start a fire, Kensell allegedly yelled and swore at them. He then reportedly ran past them and said, ”I’m barefoot and I can run faster” before going back to the fire he started. Kensell later told officials that the two people were making “rude comments” to him.

Later on, Kensell approached the people walking their dogs and started tasing the man. When the man fell to the ground, Kensell attacked the woman with a knife. The woman has four stab wounds and a broken sternum, officials said. Moab police said the man suffered some bruising to the neck as a result of the tasing.

Both of them reportedly told police that they thought they were going to be killed.

Responding Moab police officers said they heard the woman’s cries for help and were able to locate and arrest Kensell, who reportedly told police he was, “just trying to have a campfire,” but that two people were rude to him and then “got on their cell phone, and then grabbed sticks.”

Police also found 24 grams of marijuana in Kensell’s backpack, charging documents stated.

Kensell is currently on probation out of Oklahoma for felony pointing of a firearm, police revealed. A request for a no-bail warrant for him has been filed along with the charging documents.