UTAH (ABC4) – A man was arrested after allegedly throwing a large monitor and punching security staff in the face at a Salt Lake City hospital, Monday.

According to arresting documents, on February 8, officers were dispatched to an area hospital on reports of a man assaulting medical staff.

Upon arrival, officers discovered 34-year-old Dallin Ross Brimhall had entered a hospital waiting room and when security staff approached him, he became verbally aggressive and began throwing items in the room.

Reports indicate that Brimhall struck a security staff on the forehead as he threw the monitor causing scarring and swelling. He then also punched the very same staff in the face afterward.

Arresting documents say that is when security then deployed a taser.

Officers then go to learn that as a second security staff member assisted in restraining Brimhall, Brimhall managed to get his hand free and punched the second security officer in the side.

“All of the events happened inside the room near the waiting area and caused a disruption to the hospital,” the arresting documents read. “Dallin damaged several thousand dollars of equipment at the hospital and caused a scene which impeded the normal operations of the hospital and caused alarm for staff inside.”

According to official reports, Dallin Ross Brimhall was booked on the following charges: criminal mischief and two felony counts of aggravated assault.

Individuals charged in complaints are presumed innocent unless or until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in court. All information was provided from arresting documents, there may be information that has not been made available.