Viewer discretion advised on released Ogden Police body cam footage seen below

OGDEN, Utah (ABC4) – Police are releasing body cam footage of a man disarming and assaulting officers during an arrest on May 29.

Ogden Police say the suspect is Dana Lydell Smith, 29 of Clearfield.

Police had received multiple reports of Smith allegedly punching a pregnant woman in the face before fleeing the scene of the crime. Authorities say the incident happened near the area of 3500 Wall Ave.

Eyewitnesses say the woman was seen bleeding from her nose and mouth after the altercation. 

When police arrived at the scene, they spotted Smith walking near the 3600 block of Wall Ave.

Police say Smith initially tried running away after police first contacted him, leading authorities on a foot chase. The newly-released body cam footage shows an officer hopping out of his patrol car and running to the suspect’s location.

(Courtesy of Ogden City Police Department)

As the officer spots the suspect, he yells for the man to stop moving and asks him to put his hands up.

When Smith stops running and the officer nears him, the officer says, “Let’s just talk, okay,” and directs him to sit down calmly.

After sitting for a moment, Smith stands up and tells the officer “Just shoot me.” The officer responds saying, “No. Why? Let’s just talk.” Smith continues walking around while repeating, “Just shoot me,” and “I wanna die. I’m suicidal. Kill me!” He then says he would like to go to the hospital.

As another officer arrives to assist, the officer with the body cam is seen trying to handcuff Smith, but the man is visibly uncooperative.

At one point, Smith and the other officer are on the ground while trying to handcuff the man. The officer with the body cam notices Smith grabbing something and asks, “What did he grab?”

The officer on the ground responds saying, “He got my gun. He got my gun.” The officer yells for Smith to “Let go of his gun!”

Suddenly, gunshots are heard firing off. Police say no one was injured when the firearm was discharged. 

Police are seen tazing Smith multiple times as he continues yelling, “Kill me! Please kill me!”

Smith is seen eventually letting go of the handgun and surrendering to officers.

Ogden Police say Smith has an “extensive felonious criminal history and was on felony probation with Adult Probation and Parole at the time of this incident.”

After being cleared for injuries at a local hospital, Smith was arrested on eight charges including disarming a police officer of a firearm, assault on a peace officer, failure to stop at the command of an officer, felony discharge of a firearm and more. 

He is currently booked at the Weber County Jail.

(Courtesy of Ogden City Police Department)