CHUBBUCK, Idaho (ABC4) — Two have been charged with multiple felonies after allegedly robbing a couple with a Sharpie pen, according to East Idaho News.

Karla Devinney, 32, of Bannock County, and De Von Farmer, 28, of Fort Hall, have both been charged with felonies for robbery and conspiracy robbery.

The robbery reportedly took place at a convenience store in Chubbuck around 4 p.m. on May 22.

The caller followed the suspects to a bus stop, East Idaho News states, where the officers arrived and found the two matching the descriptions provided by the victims.

They were promptly arrested.

The victims reportedly told police that they had been panhandling when a man, identified as Farmer, approached their car and held a Sharpie to the driver’s throat.

Farmer allegedly told the victims that they were “on his turf,” and demanded that they give him all the money they had made panhandling.

A woman, identified as Devinney, then walked up to the passenger side and demanded that the passenger give up her purse. “The victim said Devinney took loose change, a cell phone and an ID from the purse,” East Idaho News states.

Devinney reportedly read the address on her ID aloud and told the victims that she would come to their home and kill them if they called police.

Officers later found Farmer to be in possession of a Sharpie. Officers did not find the victim’s ID after a search of both suspects.

Devinney and Farmer were booked into Bannock County Jail on the charges previously stated. If they are found guilty, they could reportedly face up to life in prison.

No further information is currently available.