GARFIELD COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) – After 24 years, detectives have solved a murder that took place in Garfield County, Utah.

On April 20, 1998 an unidentified woman was found along highway 276 near Maidenwater Spring.

When police arrived, they found the 37 to 45-year-old woman wrapped in duct tape, tied with rope, and placed inside a sleeping bag. She had also been wrapped up in a carpet.

Despite an investigation conducted by multiple agencies, the case went cold.

But that finally changed in 2018 when a photo of the victim was released to the public.

Investigators in Utah found that the Youngstown, Ohio Police Department released a photo of a missing woman that dated back to 1998.

The photos were a match.

After collecting DNA from family members who traveled to Utah from San Luis Potosi, Mexico, investigators identified the woman as Lina Reyes Geddes of Youngstown, Ohio.

After further investigation combined with the new DNA results, investigators say they have identified the person responsible for Geddes’ death, Her husband, Edward Geddes.

He died in Nevada in 2001.

“After 24 years, this case has finally reached a conclusion that will bring closure to the family of Lina Reyes Geddes,” law enforcement said in a press release.

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