MONTICELLO, Utah (ABC4) — A Colorado man fired 17 shots, killing a man over a property dispute in Monticello, Utah on Sunday, according to the San Juan County Sheriff’s Dept.

Sage Jennings Daves, 22, is facing one charge of murder (first-degree felony).

On Aug. 27, at around 8:40 a.m., Sage’s father reportedly called Sage regarding a man “causing issues” at their property, court documents state.

Police said Sage left work, which was located in Dove Creek, Colorado, and drove around 20 miles to the victim’s Monticello home. Sage reportedly went to the home to discuss the property dispute.

Sage told police that during the conversation, the victim threatened to “burn Sage’s family alive.” Court documents state that the victim then grabbed a pitchfork and went after Sage, saying, “I’m going to gut you” along with racial slurs.

Sage reportedly then ran to his truck and grabbed his gun from the center console. Sage told police that the victim stabbed the front of his truck with the pitchfork, before continuing to threaten Sage.

Court documents state that Sage pointed the gun at the man to get him to stop, but that the man instead lunged at him with the pitchfork. Sage reportedly then shot 17 rounds at the man, striking him multiple times.

The victim reportedly had bullet wounds in his left leg, left arm, abdomen, shoulders, chest, and head. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police said the current offense is a capital felony, and that Sage admits to shooting the victim several times.

Sage was booked into the San Juan County Jail on the charges previously stated.