CEDAR CITY, Utah (ABC4) – A car theft suspect has been arrested after a SWAT standoff in Cedar City on Tuesday.

Cedar City Police says the suspect is Joe Marcos Marquez, 26

Police first responded to reports of Marquez allegedly stealing a car at gunpoint before driving away with the stolen vehicle.

While officers were patrolling the area, they spotted the stolen car in a parking lot, but no one was inside. As police set up a perimeter, they waited for the suspect to arrive. Marquez was seen getting into the car and moving it to another spot in the parking lot.

When officers positively identified Marquez, they moved in to apprehend him. Upon seeing police, Marquez ran away and entered an apartment before shutting the door.

Officers say two people eventually exited the apartment while telling police no one else was inside. SWAT Team members were dispatched to the residence as the stolen vehicle allegedly contained a firearm.

During questioning, police say the two individuals eventually admitted that Marquez was still inside the apartment.

When police commanded Marquez to come out, he was uncooperative. SWAT Team members entered the home and discovered Marquez hiding in the attic.

After an exchange of commands, Marquez eventually surrendered himself to police. Marquez was transferred to a hospital for clearance after inhaling and ingesting insulation from the attic.

During questioning, Marquez told officers that, “he got out of prison and will always run from cops no matter what.” Police say Marquez mentioned being “raised” to run from authorities and “will always” do so.

He was arrested on one charge of theft of a firearm or operable vehicle and is currently booked at the Iron County Jail.