LAYTON, Utah (ABC4) — An Arizona man faces federal charges for allegedly kidnapping a 13-year-old boy he met through an online video game platform.

The 13-year-old boy went missing on Dec. 27. in Layton, Utah. According to police, and a sworn probable cause affidavit, the boy had been communicating online with a man going by the name Hunter Fox on Roblox and Discord. The boy left his home Monday evening to allegedly meet up with the man. The two were believed to be traveling from Utah toward Arizona or Texas.

Tadashi Kojima, also known as Aaron M. Zeman, or Hunter Fox, was arrested in Nebraska when the police received a call regarding a suspicious vehicle at the local gas station “Git N Spit.”

The Grand Island Police arrived at the gas station at 1:56 a.m. and approached Kojima, who was sitting in a white Toyota Avalon with a juvenile male. With help of the Utah Amber Alert, authorities at The Grand Island Emergency Center (GIEC) connected the dots and identified the juvenile male as the boy who was reportedly abducted from Utah. GIEC notified the officers on the scene, who placed Kojima under arrest.

When the officers told Kojima he was being arrested, he “tensed up and started resisting officers from placing cuffs on him,” the police report stated. Police arrested Kojima on charges of kidnapping and resisting arrest.

Kojima now faces an indictment for kidnapping and taking the victim across state lines with the intent to engage in illegal sexual activity. According to Utah Code, “Indictment means an accusation in writing presented by a grand jury to the district court charging a person with a public offense.” A federal grand jury in Utah notified the public of this indictment on Monday, Feb. 6.

The defendant originally appeared in a U.S. federal court in Nebraska but is now being transferred to Utah for his indictment. Kojima will appear on his indictment at the Orrin G. Hatch U.S. District Courthouse when he arrives in Utah.

Kojima has been asked to forfeit his cell phone, gaming devices, and car to the state of Utah, all of which they said were used, or intended to be used, to commit and facilitate the violation.

He is being investigated by the FBI, Layton Police Dept., and Grand Island Police Dept. The District Court of Utah reminds us that “an indictment is merely an allegation” and that all defendants are innocent until proven guilty.